3 Best Futures for NBA Playoffs

The Intern
August 4, 2022

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Intern's NBA Playoffs Future #1- Nuggets To Win The West (+350)

Denver is somehow getting slept on. The best record in the West paired with the MVP in my opinion and somehow they are the 3rd favorite to come out the West.

Assuming the Lakers win tonight and take the 7 seed I am hammering this bet. The Nuggets have comfortably held the #1 seed for quite some time which has allowed their stars to get some much needed rest before the playoff run begins. So, here are four reasons why I love the Nuggets to come out of the Western conference:

  • #1- They have the #1 seed and home court throughout. This is huge in any scenario for any team but especially the Nuggets. They had an NBA best 34-7 record at home this season (82.9% win pct).
  • #2- MPJ is getting hot at the right time. If MPJ is giving the Nuggets 18-20 points per game they are close to unstoppable and over the last 10 games he has averaged 19 PPG on 45 FG% and 41 3PT%. If he is firing with KCP shooting 43 3PT% and Aaron Gordan playing at an all star level this team can score at all levels 1-5.
  • #3- They make shots. It is very simple. I touched on it on point #2 but they get great shots sharing the ball and they make those shots. They lead the league in FG% as the only team over 50% at 50.4% and they are 4th in the NBA in 3PT% at 37.9%. You can't win if you don't put the ball in the basket and the Nuggets do it at the best clip
  • #4- Their biggest struggle is when Jokic is off the floor and can their bench hold their own. A projected 2nd round matchup against the Suns is fantastic for the Nuggets. The Suns have the worst depth possibly in the entire NBA Playoffs so that won't be an issue. Then depending on who they face in the Western conference finals we can analyze a potential hedge if we don't like the matchup

Intern's NBA Playoffs Future #2- Raptors To Make The Playoffs (+225)

The Raptors were a bit of a disappointment this year in my opinion, but I still think they have enough to beat the Bulls at home, and then hopefully have a matchup in Atlanta for the 8 seed. A few reasons why I like this play:

  • #1- The Raptors have a young, hungry team that wants playoff experience even if it means potentially getting swept by the Bucks in the first round. The Hawks are in complete disarray. Trae Young is already trying to get traded out of there, and it feels a bit to me like they would prefer to end the season and start their vacation ASAP.
  • #2- The Bulls for me pose potentially a bigger threat in the 9 vs. 10 game than the Hawks would in Atlanta for the 8 vs. 9, but Toronto holds a very strong 27-14 record at home this season which I think could be the extra bump to beating Chicago.
  • #3- Their length. Once again this is assuming they beat Chicago and Miami beats Atlanta, but I think the Raptors match up really well against the Hawks with their length. I think they could cause serious problems for Atlanta on the offensive side of the ball. They say defense wins championships and with the 4th best defense in the NBA this season I think defense could win them 2 play-in games to secure that 8 seed.

Intern's NBA Playoffs Future #3- 76ers Series Spread -2.5 (-162)

This is a good amount of juice to lay on (-162), but it only becomes juice if you lose. The Sixers are getting a little slept on in the East, and I expect them with no Ben Simmons drama to come out and take care of business making quick work of the new look Nets

Three reasons why I like The Sixers to take care of business:

  • #1- Joel Embiid. Embiid is an absolute force, and although I do think Claxton is a great player and will be for the future, he very simply can't guard Joel. They will have to double down on almost every post touch Joel receives leading to wide open shots for the likes of Maxey, Harden, and Tobias. So, unless we find ourselves in a situation where those three can't find their shooting strokes I like this matchup.
  • #2- They swept the season series. Now, how much does this actually matter considering only one of those games were with what the teams will look like in Game 1? Mentally I would say a good amount. If you are the 76ers you know you are the better team and staring down a matchup against the Celtics it would be nice to get some rest and finish the series in 4 or 5. Especially looking at the dog fight the Celtics may have to go through playing a physical Miami team in round 1, some rest for Embiid and Harden could go a long way.
  • #3- My biggest concern with the 76ers is their defending from the guard position when Maxey and Harden are on the floor together, but in this matchup I don't see the Nets having the guard firepower to truly take advantage of this, and I think the Sixers even if they are not playing good defense will be able to outscore the Nets in every game