The Biggest Do's and Don'ts in Sports Betting

The Intern
August 4, 2022

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Today on SnapBack Bets, I take you through the biggest Do's and Don'ts in sports betting, so that you aren't kicked out of this year's Super Bowl watch party!

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The Biggest Do's

Some of these may be quite obvious to some of you, but there are some rookies out there that will do everything in their power to mush your bets this NFL season.

#1- Take Straight Bets

I know this is boring. Trust me, no one loves a 7 team parlay or a 4 team special teaser more than I do, but everyone who is even close to profitable from sports betting will always tell you to take straight bets. If you take only straight bets for two weeks and then take parlays and teasers the next two weeks, I can almost guarantee you that you will be happier with what your bank account looked like in the first half of the month than the second.

#2- Fade The Public

People are dumb. This is unfortunately a sad truth of our world. People are naturally way too lazy to do actual research and look at data that would actually help them in making smart betting picks. This is why we fade the public. I know those favorites look so sexy every week, but we have seen it every year, you can't win every game. The NFL is an extremely talented league, and as much as it sucks the team that should win every week does not. So, this year we are going to fade the public because they are dumb.

#3- Bet What You Have

I have saved the most important for last. Sports betting is supposed to be fun. It is not supposed to ruin our mood when we lose or make our lives more difficult. I can not emphasize this enough, only bet what you are comfortable losing. There is no reason to betting ridiculous amounts of money. Sports betting is fun and sometimes has financial upside, but for most people it does not, so keep it small and keep it fun.

The Biggest Don'ts

#1- Never Say The Words "That was Locks" Until The Game is Over!

The amount of times that I have seen my team up by 21 points going into the the 4th quarter, and my idiot friend sitting next to me daps me up and says "that was locks" is egregious. Right at that point I know that this team is about to crumble into the equivalent of a high school team and blow the 21 point lead ultimately to break my heart in overtime just because my "boy wanted to celebrate before the clock hit zero.

#2- Don't Be Bad Vibes and Blame Someone For A Loss

One of the best parts about sports betting is riding with your friends. There is nothing better than sitting down on Sunday at noon and getting on a facetime with your friend figuring out what you are going to take. Although, you do have to remember you have full control over what you take and don't take. If your friend gives you a play and it loses don't be that person that spams texts the group chat blaming him for that pick like took your phone and placed it for you. I have personally found that when the vibes are high more bets are cashed.

#3- Don't Chase Your Losses

I have been a culprit of this one too many times. It is Sunday night and your balance is in the negative so you force a SNF bet like a 1st touchdown scorer or alternate spread because you want those big +odds. Do not do this. Having a down week is part of the game. The best way to combat this is by taking your losses and starting fresh on Monday. The last thing we need to do is take a bad Sunday into Monday by taking some garbage on SNF. Close your computer and get ready to crush the next week.